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Ricochet's Writing Showcase


Bulletpoints is a showcase of new writing selected and supported by Ricochet Theatre's literary team.  We have received over 180 script submissions and are unique in that we offer free feedback to everyone who applies to be involved.


Bulletpoints aims to provide a platform for writers to test out their work in a safe environment and receive feedback from audience members and other artists. 

Want to get involved? Make sure you keep an eye out for script, director and actor call-outs on our social media channels. 

Thinking of applying?

Make sure you check out our application pack containing everything you need to know, including some frequently asked questions.


Coming soon... 

Past Performances

Click to see past Bulletpoint programmes to learn about previous scripts with a comprehensive list of all artists.

Pen Theatre March 2023

Golden Goose Theatre August 2023

Greenwich Theatre January 2024

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