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 About Us 

Who are we?

Ricochet Theatre are a company committed to giving a space and platform for new writing that is truthful, daring and thought provoking on stages across the UK. Ricochet was formed with a dedication to creating work that alleviates loneliness and we aim to do this by giving the audience a communal experience through an act of storytelling.


We exist to provide a light in the darkness, to tell overlooked stories and to prove that theatre can be bold, galvanising and exciting whilst still being caring and safe.


How do we work?

We have a circular structure of leadership, working as a collective wherein we each have individual focuses. We centre wellbeing and anti-oppression practices to produce work that is compassionate, decisive and playful.

We make meticulously crafted text-based work sometimes through a devising process, but most often by working closely with writers and staging their scripts.

Where are we?

Though we started our company in York, we are now spread across the UK, coming together on a regular basis to create work together. Our main base is now London with our secondary bases in Manchester and Exeter


Photo by Karl Moran on Unsplash.

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