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Izzy Baxter

Company Creative

As company creative Izzy has most recently been responsible for the designs, posters and marketing materials for Ricochet's shows. She also takes production photos, runs our social media with Maria, and participates in the company's research and development as writer and actor. 

On Tour

Izzy designed and created the posters for Intricate Rituals and The Same Rain That Falls on Me individually, as well as the Elegies double-bill poster.


Izzy recently took production photos for Elegies  at 53two in Manchester.

Outside Ricochet

​Izzy is a working class actor, writer and photographer form Middlesbrough and is driven by a passion to explore intersectionality, especially in feminism, the working class and disability.


Outside of Ricochet she has recently performed as Bernadette in Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons by Sam Steiner, with Tell Arts. As a photographer Izzy has most recently taken production photos for the MA Theatre shows in the TFTI Department at the University of York.



You can see more of Izzy's photography work here. 

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