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 Intricate Rituals 

Ricochet and

New Writing

In early 2022, Ricochet Theatre contacted writer Seth Douglas about the possibility of developing their show Intricate Rituals for a small-scale UK tour.

From there, work began on editing the script between Douglas, Logan Jones (Literary Manager) and Ella McKeown (Artistic Director).

Since Ricochet's the first performance of Intricate Rituals as part of Elegies, our double-bill of monologues, the script, performance and design have all undergone significant changes. 


As part of our production process we acknowledge that not everything we try is going to work, and that, for us, failure and the freedom to fail is an important part of making theatre.

Therefore, as the tour progresses, the production is constantly evolving, responding to changes in our artistic vision and to constructive audience feedback.

Intricate Rituals

A monologue navigating queer longing, Catholic guilt, bugs and necromancy.


Siken is a gay student who is hopelessly in love with her straight best friend, Dee. When tragedy unexpectedly strikes her life, Siken’s grief turns her down a darker and increasingly unnatural path. 


Having previously premiered at the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe with York DramaSoc, Intricate Rituals has been supported by Ricochet Theatre to create an exciting production with new direction by McKeown and with Maria Cook taking on the role of Siken. 

Cast and Creatives

Siken  Maria Cook

Writer  Seth Douglas

Director  Ella McKeown

Producer  Izzie Kemal Ur Rahim

Marketing and Photography  Izzy Baxter

Designer  Jay Seldon

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