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2022 Tour

Elegies: A Double Bill of Theatre

Intricate Rituals

By Seth Douglas


The Same Rain That Falls on Me

By Logan Jones

We are excited to announce we are coming to ACT, York


 17th and 18th February

We are excited to announce we are coming to The Barnfield, Exeter


3rd and 4th March


(Left) Intricate Rituals and

(Right) The Same Rain That Falls on Me

at The Drayton Arms Theatre, March 2022

The Same Rain That Falls on Me

A witty and heartbreaking monologue about Alice, as she returns home on the hottest day of the year to say a difficult and untimely goodbye.


One that will leave a hole in her life forever.


Set against the backdrop of the hottest day of the summer and climate protests, she returns home to be with her family in this difficult time.


Same Rain deals with issues of grief, climate change, growing up, and family.

Intricate Rituals

A monologue navigating queer longing, Catholic guilt, bugs and necromancy.


Siken is a gay student who is hopelessly in love with her straight best friend, Dee. When tragedy unexpectedly strikes her life, Siken’s grief turns her down a darker and increasingly unnatural path. 


Having previously premiered at the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe with York DramaSoc, Intricate Rituals has been supported by Ricochet Theatre to create an exciting production with new direction by McKeown and with Maria Cook taking on the role of Siken. 

Agnes [working title]

We are currently developing our new production for 2023 with the idea devised by the company and the script written by Izzy Baxter and Seth Douglas. 

This production is in the research and development and writing stage.

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